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At Wolvercote, we aim to support all children’s physical development and give them confidence in their physical abilities so that they continue to seek the opportunities and experiences physical and sporting achievements can offer throughout their time with us, and throughout their lives. 

Through PE, we want to inspire children to try their best and work hard, experiencing the satisfaction that comes from challenging yourself, succeeding and excelling in sports and other physical activities.

We aim to provide a range of opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness.  We use a range of games, outdoor and adventurous activities, gymnastics, dance, and athletics, in both indoor and outdoor environments to achieve this.

Through our PE curriculum, we provide opportunities for both competitive sport and other physically demanding activities. This approach not only develops sporting skills, but also builds children’s resilience and respect for themselves and others, in line with our school values and PSHE curriculum.

At every opportunity, we encourage and promote good sporting behaviour, whether as an individual participant, in a team or as a spectator.

Teaching & Learning:

Schemes of Work: 

At Wolvercote, we use the PE Hub scheme of work.

PE is taught through structured sessions across the week, focusing on a key sport each term. The high-quality scheme supports teachers to deliver engaging lessons based on real sports skills through seven key areas:

  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Attack, Defend, Shoot (Invasion games)
  • Hit, Catch, Run (Striking and fielding games)
  • Send and Return (Net and wall games)
  • Run, Jump, Throw (Athletics)
  • Outdoor Adventurous Activities

These build on the six areas in the EYFS scheme that link to the Physical Development elements of the curriculum.

In addition to lessons with class teachers, we also use PE specialist coaches to support teaching of specific sports and skills. This also supports the continuing development of staff in their PE knowledge and skills.

From Reception to Year 2, all children also have the opportunity to develop in Forest School sessions led by a qualified Forest School leader offsite in local woodlands.

Equality of opportunity:

We aim for all children to leave us as swimmers, and all children from Year 3 up attend swimming sessions at local pools.

Every child has two opportunities during their time with us (in Year 4 and in Year 6) to attend a residential and outdoor adventure course.

The PE hub scheme supports scaffolding of learning for children who may need extra help to achieve lesson outcomes, as well as next steps for those who may already have mastered a skill. We regularly use experienced external sports coaches, and offer after school clubs with specialists to develop skills further.

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