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We aim for every child at Wolvercote to have the opportunity to play, enjoy and listen to music. We want our children to have as many opportunities as possible to experience music in different ways, be that taking part in live performances, appraising recorded music, or seeing a live band or orchestra. We hope that children will be inspired to learn more or listen more and that they will build confidence in identifying different styles and composers, and evaluating their work and its impact.

Teaching & Learning:

At Wolvercote, music is taught through the four areas of musical understanding: appreciation and listening, technical understanding, performance and improvisation/composition. Music lessons are taught discretely, but children also have opportunities to learn music through specialist-led singing sessions (KS1&2) as well as learning music and songs to support learning in the wider curriculum, or for specific performances.

In addition, we hold music days, where children are involved in a different range of musical experiences including visitors who teach or perform.

Schemes of work:

We follow the Charanga Music Scheme, however we also use the BBC 10 pieces and personalised music lessons to ensure we explore all areas of musical understanding.

Resources used include: Guitars, ukuleles, xylophones, djembe drums, recorders, percussion instruments.

Equality of opportunity:

Music is inclusive to all! Whether it be listening, vocalising, movement or musical exploration, the chance to create and appreciate music can be accessed by all our pupils. There are further opportunities to play more unusual instruments on our music day eg, playing steel pan drums or perform as part of a band! We also draw on the musical opportunities available in Oxford to arrange performances, visits and concerts for all our children to take part in.

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